david davis brexit uk
Brexit won't lead the UK into Mad Max-styled dystopia, says Davis

Brexit secretary David Davis tried to reassure UK citizens and the rest of Europe in a speech in Vienna on Tuesday that the UK will not be “plunged into a Mad Max-style dystopian fiction” after leaving the European Union.

European parliament wants special access for UK after Brexit, report says

The European Parliament wants the EU to soften its stance on Brexit and negotiate an agreement that would give the UK special access to the single market, according to a report.

Thor Mining hammers home advantage after tungsten deemed "critical" by US

Thor Mining announced on Tuesday that it plans to accelerate development of its Nevada-based tungsten mining project after the commodity was deemed "critical" by a US government agency.

19 Feb
ECB halts payments from Latvian bank amid accusations of North Korean transactions

The European Central Bank halted payments by ABLV, one of Latvia's biggest banks, on Monday, amid accusations from the United States Treasury that the lender had been involved in money laundering and unauthorised transactions with the heavily sanctioned nation of North Korea.

19 Feb
Russia warns US not to "play with fire" in the Syrian conflict

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned the US not to meddle in the Syrian conflict, accusing the Trump administration of trying to undermine the Arab Republic’s territorial integrity and of supporting the autonomy-seeking Kurds in order to further its own interests.

19 Feb
carillion sign
UK PFI companies should pay windfall tax, say unions, MP

Companies running contracts under the controversial private finance initiative should be forced to pay a windfall tax, trades unions and MPs said on Monday.

19 Feb
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Theresa May announces review of costly university tuition fees

Theresa May plans to review the cost of tuition fees for 2019 as part of the Government’s 'value for money' initiative for British students after coming under pressure from the Labour party.

16 Feb
Housing, construction, building
BCC warns of recruitment crisis unless immigration rules agreed

British businesses were facing growing difficulties recruiting staff as immigration levels dropped, the head of the British Chambers of Commerce said on Friday.

16 Feb
Gherkin, City of London and EU flag by Descrier
IoD calls for partial customs union deal with EU

Britain should try to strike a deal on a partial customs union with the European Union once it leaves the bloc in March 2019, the Institute of Directors said.

16 Feb
rbs royal bank of scotland
FCA refuses to publish RBS report; hands copy to Treasury committee

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority on Friday refused to publish its report into Royal Bank of Scotland's treatment of small businesses after the 2008 economic crisis, but handed over a copy to parliament's Treasury committee as requested on Thursday.

16 Feb
Steve Bannon refuses to answer questions in Russia inquiry

Steve Bannon, former strategy chief of President Donald Trump, has been questioned several times this week as part of the investigation into possible Russian intervention in the 2016 elections.

15 Feb
Tata Steel
British Steel pension members 'bamboozled by parasite advisers', say MPs

Former British Steel workers were "bamboozled" into shifting their pensions into investments with punitive fees by "dubious" and "parasitical" financial advisers, a parliamentary committee said on Thursday.

15 Feb
ep puertobilbao exportaciones comercio exterior
A quarter of British exporters yet to review post-Brexit trading strategy

One in four British exporters had yet to review their post-Brexit trading strategy, according to the latest Business in Britain report from Lloyds Bank, an improvement of 23% on a similar survey carried out by the bank six months earlier.

15 Feb
Italy's election offers many risks but 'little chance of Italexit'

Italy's election early next month is unlikely to result in an 'Italexit' from the European Union, said Berenberg on Thursday, but is likely to see former leader Silvio Berlusconi emerge as a kingmaker and could still result in the country holding referendum on its membership of the euro and reverse recent labour reforms.

14 Feb
Jacob Zuma
Zuma steps down

Jacob Zuma has announced his decision to step down as South Africa's president after his party reportedly threatened him with a no-confidence vote for as soon as Thursday.

14 Feb
ep juncker formar parte unionrespetar decisiones judiciales
Juncker says the notion of a European 'superstate' was 'total nonsense'

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said accusations that he was looking to create a so-called European "superstate" were "total nonsense", and stated that many Britons had unfairly labelled him as a "stupid, stubborn federalist".

14 Feb
rifle caza
Gunmaker Remington files for bankruptcy as US gun sales fall

Remington is preparing to file for bankruptcy after reaching an agreement transferring the ownership of the 200-year-old company to its lenders.

14 Feb
boris johnson stranded
Johnson says rerun of Brexit vote would cause turmoil, feuding

A rerun of the Brexit referendum would cause another year of feuding and turmoil, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Wednesday as he sought to describe his vision of a "liberal" departure from the European Union.

14 Feb
ep juncker formar parte unionrespetar decisiones judiciales
Juncker says Johnson talking 'total nonsense' over EU superstate claim

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was accused of talking “total nonsense” when he claimed EU leaders were trying to create a superstate, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday.

14 Feb
UK's Hammond says business needs certainty post-Brexit

A transitional period after Brexit was crucial for businesses to adapt to changes once Britain leaves the European Union next year, UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond said on Wednesday.