Political News
18 Jan
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China offers six-year plan to cut trade surplus with US to zero, Bloomberg reports

China has offered to embark on a six-year $1. 0trn buying spree of US goods in a bid to reconfigure the trade relationship between the two economic giants and reduce its trade surplus with America to zero by 2024, Bloomberg reported.

18 Jan
EU says UK will have to hold European elections if Brexit is delayed

The European Commission said on Friday that the UK would have to hold European elections in order to choose its representatives if Brexit is delayed beyond 2 July.

18 Jan
dup northern ireland arlene
DUP could support soft Brexit to avoid Irish backstop

The Democratic Unionist Party could support a soft Brexit that would have the whole of the UK aligned with the EU’s customs union in a bid to avoid the Irish backstop, according to a newspaper report on Friday.

18 Jan
YouGov logo
UK would vote remain by 12% margin - YouGov poll

Britain would vote to stay in the European Union by a 12% margin in a second referendum, revealed a new poll by YouGov taken on 16 January.

17 Jan
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Trump ratchets up row with Pelosi by cancelling her Afghanistan trip

US President Donald Trump made his dispute with House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi over the government shutdown personal when he cancelled anoverseas trip and denied her use of a military plane to Afghanistan.

17 Jan
Michael Cohen admits rigging online polls at Trump's command

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Thursday admitted having tried to rig online polls “at the direction and for the sole benefit of” the President.

17 Jan
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France triggers no-deal Brexit contingency plan

France put its Brexit contingency plans into motion on Thursday, amid growing concerns of a no-deal scenario.

17 Jan
US prepares to pull out from Cold War nuclear missile treaty with Russia

The US rejected an offer from Russia to inspect a controversial new missile, said it will not attend the review of the agreement in February and will prepare to pull out of the current nuclear-weapons treaty completely in six months.

16 Jan
pound sterling gbp money inflation spending
Pound offers 'sizeable' potential from softer Brexit

The pound's reaction to Theresa May huge defeat in the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal was muted on Wednesday, with investors and analysts trying to decipher the political runes for the best way to make a buck.

16 Jan
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Facebook will have stricter ad rules in countries with elections in 2019

Facebook is set to make some of its political advertising rules stricter for countries that will hold important votes in 2019, reported Reuters on Wednesday.

16 Jan
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'No changes to Irish backstop', Barnier warns UK

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier warned the UK on Wednesday there would be no changes to the Irish backstop in the withdrawal agreement.

16 Jan
FCA looks into private polling from hedge funds

The UK financial watchdog is reviewing regulation over private political polling, which has been used by hedge funds to profit from events such as Brexit.

16 Jan
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Advertising spending growth remains dependent on Brexit plans

Marketing spending growth in the UK was halted in the final quarter of 2018 after a six-year rise due to the uncertainty over Brexit.

15 Jan
Brexit: So now what? Analysts weigh-in

Danske Bank: "The first thing to look out for is the Labour's motion of no confidence in May's government tomorrow. [. ] PM Theresa will most likely survive the vote (remember the Conservatives cannot force her to resign as party leader for another year after she won the party confidence vote in December). Vote takes place at 20:00 CET.

15 Jan
China urges Canada to immediately release Huawei executive

China’s Foreign Ministry urged officials in Ottawa to immediately release Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

15 Jan
carillion rail
Public sector outsourcing rocket 53% in 2018 despite struggles

GMB union has launched the Go Public campaign to reduce the outsourcing of public services which has risen by 53% in 2018 despite the struggles of many operators in the market and the Carillon collapse last year.

14 Jan
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China car sales fall for the first time this century

Chinese car sales have dropped for the first time since 1990 as an economic slowdown and the ongoing trade war with the US take their toll.

14 Jan
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UK major retailers prepare to form action group over business rates

Around 50 of the UK’s major retailers are preparing to form an action group in a move to seek business rates relief from the government.

14 Jan
fracking, shale gas
Minister shuts down Cuadrilla's call for weaker earthquake regulations

Energy minister Claire Perry wrote to the fracking firm Cuadrilla’s CEO to clarify the regulations on earthquakes would not be weakened after he criticised the government's policies in an interview.

14 Jan
China's trade surplus surges in December amid weak imports

Both exports and imports from Asia's largest economy slowed much more rapidly than anticipated at the end of 2018, amid softer growth around the world and as the tariffs imposed by Washington took an increasing toll.