International News
12 Jan
BlackRock profits boosted by recently enacted tax laws

US investment management company BlackRock reported stronger than expected profits from its fourth trading quarter after drawing further cash into its exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

12 Jan
eurogrupo reunion merkel tsipras tsakalotos hollande
Europe close: Stocks, euro jump after breatkthrough in German coalition talks

Stocks on the Continent fared well at the end of the week as the two main German parties achieved a breakthough in negotiations to form a grand coalition after a marathon 24 hours of talks, boosting asset prices across the single currency bloc.

12 Jan
wells fargo
Wells Fargo eyes closure of 900 branches despite $3.4bn boost to profits

US bank Wells Fargo announced on Friday that it was planning to close around 900 branches over the next four years as part of a cost-cutting initiative, despite having posted an immediate $3. 4bn boost to its profits resulting from reforms to federal tax laws enacted in December.

12 Jan
ep facebook 20171011185003
Facebook will prioritise posts from friends over publishers

Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has announced Facebook will give priority to posts from friends over posts from companies or the media, with the aim of "having more meaningful social interactions".

12 Jan
JP Morgan beats expectations despite $143m loss from single client

JPMorgan Chase beat Wall Street's expectations for earnings in its fourth trading quarter, saying recent reforms to US tax laws would help boost profits, not only by cutting down the amount of tax the firm paid to the federal government but also by enticing more corporations to borrow further.

12 Jan
Wall street america US USA signs
US open: Stocks continue to push higher as dollar slips back

Wall Street's main market gauges are continuing to push higher, helped by another drop in the US dollar and as investors sift through earnings from the likes of JPMorgan and Wells Fargo.

12 Jan
ep angela merkel
Euro rallies to three-year high versus dollar after German coalition breakthrough

The euro rose to a three-year high against the dollar on Friday as investors welcomed a breakthrough in German coalition talks.

12 Jan
brexit reino unido
Pound jumps on news Spain and Holland to push for 'soft' Brexit

Sterling rose to its best level since the Brexit vote on Friday on news that Spain and Holland's finance ministers have reached an agreement that would see the two work together to lock down a Brexit deal that would keep the UK as close to the EU as possible.

12 Jan
actas fed reserva federal portada
US two-year yields top 2.0% as December core CPI jumps

The cost of living in the US jumped last month, pushed higher by a surge in the cost of used cars and trucks and medical care commodities.

12 Jan
Trump denies saying 'shithole' countries in immigration talks

President Donald Trump rejected a bipartisan compromise to extend protections against deportations of young immigrants on Thursday and questioned why would he allow more immigrants coming from Haiti and “shithole countries” in Africa. On Friday the president denied having said the derogatory comments.

12 Jan
Wall street america US USA signs
US retail sales grow more quickly than expected in December

US retail sales grew more strongly than expected last month amid especially strong demand for building materials and for on-line retailers.

12 Jan
brexit mx
EU reportedly to hold UK to common fishing policy after Brexit

The EU will resist any renegotiation of fishing quotas in UK waters during any transition period after Brexit, the Guardian reported on Friday citing an unnamed EU diplomat.

12 Jan
cbuber short4
Uber used secret system to lock down computers in police raids

Former Uber employees have confirmed the company routinely used a software system called Ripley to lock computers from tax investigators between 2015 and 2016.

12 Jan
Wall street america US USA signs
US pre-open: Stocks to rise as earnings flow in; retail sales and inflation eyed

US futures pointed to a firmer open on Wall Street on Friday, with investors sifting through earnings from the likes of BlackRock and JPMorgan ahead of retail sales and inflation data.

12 Jan
Trump cancels UK embassy visit, blames Obama for 'bad deal' on building

President Donald Trump has cancelled a planned trip to open the US embassy in London, claiming the cost and location of the new building was a “bad deal”.

12 Jan
Farage backtracks on call for second Brexit referendum

Former UKIP leader and fanatical Brexiteer Nigel Farage performed the swiftest of u-turns on Friday when he backtracked on his call for a second EU referendum.