12 Mar
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EU will hold their ground over protectionism and US tariffs - Malmström

European Union trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström said the bloc “will stand up to the bullies” over protectionism and will not be intimidated by the US on trade tariffs.

12 Mar
ECB has not begun discussing changes to forward guidance, Smets says

The European Central Bank had not even begun to discuss possible revisions to its 'forward guidance', a top official clarified.

12 Mar
ep piramide egipto
Egyptian government 'hijacking citizens computers to mine crypto'

The Egyptian government has allegedly been infiltrating citizens' web browsers and directing them to other websites and misusing their computers, in some cases to mine cryptocurrencies.

12 Mar
ep campodunasun cratermarte vistaperspectiva
Musk announces short trips to Mars will be ready by next year

Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX founder has announced his intention to send rockets on short trips to Mars by as soon as 2019.

12 Mar
campaign 2016 trump 37
Trump could win Democrats' support as Republicans consider blocking tariffs

Influential Democratic lawmaker Elizabeth Warren may tip the balance in favour of the White House’s planned international trade tariffs amid divisions within the Republican party on the measures.