07 Dec
IMF says China's banks need more capital after credit boom

The International Monetary Fund has urged China’s banks to raise more capital to protect against risks caused by a credit boom.

07 Dec
ep esteladatramodevia catalana apasorio senia
45,000 Catalan separatists protest against EU in Brussels

Thousands of Catalan separatists have taken to the streets of Brussels to protest against the perceived lack of action from the EU in relation to the region’s independence movement.

07 Dec
bitcoin numeros portada
Bitcoin surges past $16,500 despite news of $60m heist

Digital currency Bitcoin continued its upwards trajectory, hitting a new record high above $16,500, despite a major hack which saw millions of dollars worth of the digital currency stolen on Thursday.

07 Dec
Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital causes controversy

Countries from all over the world have rushed to criticise US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which has further raised tensions in the already-strained wider Middle East.

07 Dec
aleman, germany, alemania
Economists upbeat despite weak reading on German November IP data

Economists are largely brushing off a weak reading on German industry, pointing to robust survey results to back up their case.

07 Dec
Weekly US jobless claims dip, secondary filings move further below 2.0m

Initial jobless claims dipped last week alongside a moderate drop in those filed for a second time, a positive signal for the pace of job growth.

07 Dec
ep coreanorte lanzamisilsobrevuela japon
North Korea says war is unavoidable after US military drills

North Korea said war with the US is "an established fact", blaming the South Korean and US military exercises that are set to run until Friday.

07 Dec
China November FX reserve data may herald wider yuan trading band

China's foreign exchange reserves were little changed last month, extending a spell of stability which some economists believe might encourage Beijing to take further 'baby steps' towards full-blown FX liberalisation such as widening the trading band for the yuan.