04 Dec
Sadiq Khan Mayor of London
Sadiq Khan requests special Brexit deal for London

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is requesting a special Brexit deal to allow London to stay within the European Union’s single market and customs union.

04 Dec
Bitcoin reaches new high at nearly $11,800

Bitcoin hit a new record high of nearly $11,800 on Sunday breaking it’s last record of over $11,000 on Wednesday 29 November.

04 Dec
white house
Some analysts sceptical of long-term impact of US tax cuts on economy

The upper chamber of the US Congress approved a tax cut package at the weekend, possibly paving the way for final approval for as soon as the end of this week, but market commentary is quite divided on just how powerful a boost it will deliver to the economy and the price the country will have to pay in terms of an increased debt burden.

04 Dec
england ireland great britain
Brexit: Theresa May ready to make agreement on Irish border

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has to European Union negotiating teams that no part of Ireland will be taken out of the single market and customs union after Brexit, Irish media reported on Monday.

04 Dec
bitcoin caidas mercados portada
Bitcoin regulation looms in UK and Europe over money-laundering fears

European Union legislation to clamp down on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is expected withing coming weeks over concerns they are being used to launder money and evade tax.