10 Nov
Republicans advance tax cut packages through House and Senate

Oxford Economics senior analyst Nancy Vanden Houten said on Friday that as a result of US local elections on Tuesday the Republican party were beginning to feel a sense of urgency in passing its tax cut package after Democrats picked up a slew of new seats, showing the President's agenda may not be working.

10 Nov
Trump lashes out at 'trade abuses' in APEC speech

US President Donald Trump has lashed out at unfair trading practices during a key speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam.

10 Nov
US consumer confidence slips in November, but wage expectations rise

Consumer sentiment in the US is a little bit weaker at the start of month, although still at lofty levels, even as Americans and analysts ponder the prospect for rising official rates and try and anticipate their potential impact on spending.

10 Nov
Barnier gives UK two weeks to clarify 'Brexit bill' position

Brexit negotiations have seen “some progress” in the latest round of talks, but according to chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier, the UK has only two weeks left to agree to a financial settlement.