Carolyn Fairbairn CBI
'Millions wasted' on all-consuming Brexit, slams CBI chief

The director general of the CBI has lambasted the millions wasted by business preparing for a no-deal Brexit as she called on government and the private sector to work more closely together.

theresa may pm brexit
May asks business leaders to back Brexit plan

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking to win the support from business leaders to back her Brexit deal with the European Union as she faces a potential leadership challenge from dissenters in her own party.

16 Nov
May survives tough day as rebels seek support to knife PM in ballot

UK Prime Minister Theresa May moved on Friday to bolster her precarious position after ministerial resignations over Brexit and the continuing threat of a no confidence vote.

15 Nov
theresa may brexit deal
May pledges to drive Brexit plan through despite Cabinet turmoil

UK Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to push through her Brexit after a day of turmoil that saw two Cabinet ministers quit and MPs openly talking of a no-confidence vote.

15 Nov
S&P reaffirms UK sovereign debt rating at AA, but outlook still negative

Standard&Poor's reiterated its rating on the UK's long-term sovereign debt, despite the risk that the withdrawal agreement that had been reached overnight between Brussels and London might not make it through Parliament, forcing both sides to return to the bargaining table.

14 Nov
theresa may cabinet 2018 reshuffle government westminster downing street
Senior Tory Brexiters may push for 'no-confidence' vote, reports say

Some senior Tory Brexiters are reportedly pushing for an immediate 'no-confidence' vote against the Prime Minister.

14 Nov
theresa may speech
May faces cabinet showdown over Brexit deal

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a cabinet showdown on Wednesday when she will ask ministers to sign off a Brexit deal struck with the EU, despite strident opposition to the terms from Brexiters and in Northern Ireland.

13 Nov
Cabinet convenes as negotiators agree EU withdrawal text

Theresa May's cabinet will meet on Wednesday after British and EU negotiators agreed the text for a UK-wide customs arrangement that could will form part of a Brexit withdrawal agreement, according to reports on Tuesday afternoon.

13 Nov
Brexit deal imminent, insists leading Cabinet member; pound jumps

A leading member of the UK government has said a Brexit deal could be secured by within a matter of days, if not sooner.

12 Nov
Barnier says main Brexit framework 'largely defined' - FT

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator on Monday told ministers from the EU’s remaining member states that the main points of a Brexit deal were ready to present to the UK cabinet on Tuesday, according to The Financial Times.

12 Nov
theresa may elecciones
May faces Parliament backlash as Brexit deal 'draws near'

Terms of a Brexit deal has been agreed with Brussels, according to reports, but the pound whipsawed down and up on Monday as markets reacted to government splits and Labour's insistence that the decision to quit the European Union could yet be reversed.

12 Nov
Employers struggling to hire staff as migrants turn their back on UK

Employers are battling to hire enough staff after a sudden decline in the number of migrants coming to the UK, putting salaries under increasing pressure.

09 Nov
dup arlene foster norniron
DUP says May Brexit plan 'raises alarm bells'

Theresa May's Brexit plans appeared to be on thin ice on Friday after the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) said her plans to keep Northern Ireland inside the customs union even without a deal “raises alarm bells”.

08 Nov
Coveney urges caution over Brexit deal breakthrough

Ireland's foreign secretary downplayed the chance of a Brexit deal being agreed imminently with the EU, though more reports emerged to suggest a deal was possible within days.

07 Nov
EU officials hint final stage of Brexit negotiations is close

European Union officials hinted on Wednesday that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May could visit Brussels within days for the final stage of Brexit negotiations and to secure a divorce deal.

07 Nov
eu europe european union eurozone euro
EU's highest court to hear Brexit reversal case

The European Union’s highest court is to review whether or not the UK can unilaterally withdraw its decision to quit the bloc.

06 Nov
theresa may cabinet 2018 reshuffle government westminster downing street
Pound climbs as cabinet keeps door open for Brexit deal

Theresa May's cabinet are expecting to reconvene again in a matter of days to take a decision on the Irish backstop, news that sent the pound rose to two-week highs close on Tuesday afternoon.

06 Nov
arron banks brexit
Arron Banks and Leave.EU fined £135,000 over data protection breach

Brexit campaign backer Arron Banks' insurance company and the Leave. EU campaign have been fined £135,000 by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office on Tuesday for data misuse during the 2016 referendum.

06 Nov
theresa may speech
May faces cabinet meeting with hopes for Brexit breakthrough

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces her cabinet on Tuesday to discuss Brexit negotiations and try to reach an agreement over the terms of the backstop option to ensure a soft border in Ireland.

05 Nov
Britons back second Brexit referendum as Irish backstop flares again

As the UK, Ireland and the EU continued to disagree on how to handle the Irish border in the event of Brexit, a major survey found more than half of British people support holding a referendum on the deal.