18 Jan
may brexit vote jan 15
May to spend weekend in talks to break Brexit impasse

Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to spend her weekend drumming up support domestically and internationally as she looked for a way to break the Brexit impasse.

18 Jan
EU says UK will have to hold European elections if Brexit is delayed

The European Commission said on Friday that the UK would have to hold European elections in order to choose its representatives if Brexit is delayed beyond 2 July.

18 Jan
dup northern ireland arlene
DUP could support soft Brexit to avoid Irish backstop

The Democratic Unionist Party could support a soft Brexit that would have the whole of the UK aligned with the EU’s customs union in a bid to avoid the Irish backstop, according to a newspaper report on Friday.

18 Jan
YouGov logo
UK would vote remain by 12% margin - YouGov poll

Britain would vote to stay in the European Union by a 12% margin in a second referendum, revealed a new poll by YouGov taken on 16 January.

18 Jan
German politicians, business figures urge UK to rethink Brexit

Leading German politicians and business figures on Friday pleaded with the UK to change its mind and stay in the European Union.

17 Jan
may corbyn
May, Corbyn at loggerheads over ruling out no-deal Brexit before talks

UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn traded barbs on Thursday over the Labour leader's demand that a no-deal Brexit be ruled out before he sat down for talks on a way forward.

17 Jan
brexit 20180523120411
France triggers no-deal Brexit contingency plan

France put its Brexit contingency plans into motion on Thursday, amid growing concerns of a no-deal scenario.

16 Jan
may no confidence vote jan 16
May survives no confidence vote, calls on MPs to unite over Brexit

UK Prime Minister Theresa May won a confidence vote on Wednesday night by 325 votes to 305 as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn failed in his bid to force an election.

16 Jan
pound sterling gbp money inflation spending
Pound offers 'sizeable' potential from softer Brexit

The pound's reaction to Theresa May huge defeat in the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal was muted on Wednesday, with investors and analysts trying to decipher the political runes for the best way to make a buck.

16 Jan
portada jeremy corbyn
Corbyn accuses May of running 'zombie' govt

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accuse Prime Minister Theresa May of running a “zombie government” as he demanded her resignation ahead of a no-confidence vote on Wednesday night.

16 Jan
may barnier portada
'No changes to Irish backstop', Barnier warns UK

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier warned the UK on Wednesday there would be no changes to the Irish backstop in the withdrawal agreement.

16 Jan
FCA looks into private polling from hedge funds

The UK financial watchdog is reviewing regulation over private political polling, which has been used by hedge funds to profit from events such as Brexit.

16 Jan
kelloggs, cereal, breakfast
Advertising spending growth remains dependent on Brexit plans

Marketing spending growth in the UK was halted in the final quarter of 2018 after a six-year rise due to the uncertainty over Brexit.

15 Jan
may brexit vote jan 15
May loses Brexit deal vote by 230

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement was heavily defeated on Tuesday night by 432 votes to 202, the biggest government loss since 1924.

15 Jan
cbbrexitjobs short
Brexit: UK business groups react with anger to vote result

UK business leaders reacted with anger to Tuesday's heavy defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement.

15 Jan
Brexit: So now what? Analysts weigh-in

Danske Bank: "The first thing to look out for is the Labour's motion of no confidence in May's government tomorrow. [. ] PM Theresa will most likely survive the vote (remember the Conservatives cannot force her to resign as party leader for another year after she won the party confidence vote in December). Vote takes place at 20:00 CET.

15 Jan
brexit portada puzzle
UK MPs to debate amendments to Brexit deal before main vote

UK MPs started their final day of debate on Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement, with four amendments selected for a vote that could redefine or defeat the deal.

15 Jan
theresa may dec 12
May braced for big defeat on Brexit vote as EU stands pat on backstop

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal looked destined for a heavy defeat in parliament on Tuesday as she failed to shift the EU's position on the Irish backstop.

14 Jan
theresa may elecciones
May warns defeat of deal could lead to no Brexit

Theresa May continued to roll the dice on Monday as she sought to persuade more of her sceptical MPs to support the government's Brexit deal ahead of a crucial vote on Tuesday.

12 Jan
cbbrexit62 short1
Tory rebel Grieve calls for Brexit pause if vote defeated

A key Conservative Party rebel has said Brexit should be delayed if Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal deal is defeated in parliament on Tuesday.