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Chinese economic growth continues in March

Economic growth in China continued in March, driven mainly by manufacturing and amid "notable" increases in prices, according to the latest reading for World Economics's Sales Managers' Index.

19 Mar
Commodities: Wheat, cocoa futures see sharpest losses

Commodities as a whole were lower on Monday, even as the US dollar lost ground, amid heavy selling in the agricultural space.

16 Mar
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ECB's Praet says debate on higher euro area growth potential now open

The need for monetary policy in the euro area to be tightened may be less than had been thought as the bloc's if the bloc's potential rate of growth is improving, a top European Central Bank official said.

16 Mar
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US consumer confidence at 2004 high in March but details weaker, UofM says

US consumer confidence moved higher still in March, hitting a 14-year high, but the details of the report appeared to point towards softness in consumption to extend into the second quarter, alongside higher inflation expectations.

16 Mar
Euro area February CPI revised lower, estimate for 'core' prices unchanged

Eurostat revised its estimate for the rate of advance in consumer price inflation for February down from a preliminary reading of 1. 2% year-on-year to 1. 1%, versus a print of 1. 3% for January.

15 Mar
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Bonds: Yields diverge on either side of the Pond, against backdrop of international tensions

These were the movements in some of the most widely-followed 10-year sovereign bond yields:.

14 Mar
Bonds: Gilts outperform, but Capital Economics sticks to call for three hikes in Bank Rate

These were the movements in some of the most widely-followed 10-year sovereign bond yields: US: 2. 81% (-3bp) UK: 1. 44% (-5bp) Germany: 0. 59% (-3bp) France: 0. 84% (-3bp) Spain: 1. 40% (+0bp) Italy: 2. 01% (+2bp) Greece: 4. 17% (+3bp) Portugal: 1. 80% (+0bp) Japan: 0. 05% (-0bp).

12 Mar
ECB has not begun discussing changes to forward guidance, Smets says

The European Central Bank had not even begun to discuss possible revisions to its 'forward guidance', a top official clarified.

11 Mar
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Bonds: Is the US term spread signalling a recession?

These were the movements in some of the most closely-followed 10-year sovereign bond yields: US: 2. 89% (+4bp) UK: 1. 49% (+2bp) Germany: 0. 65% (+2bp) France: 0. 89% (+2bp) Spain: 1. 44% (+3bp) Italy: 2. 01% (+3bp) Portugal: 1. 86% (+4bp) Greece: 4. 18% (+2bp) Japan: 0. 05% (-0bp) .

09 Mar
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US non-farm payolls rise by 313,000 in February, wages dip

Job growth in the States picked-up to its strongest pace since mid-2016 last month, helped by sharp increases in construction and government hiring, but wage growth fell short of economists' forecasts.

09 Mar
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Chinese credit growth slowest since 2005 in February

The pace of credit growth in China slipped to its slowest rate since 2005, prompting some economists to forecast that Beijing would opt for a looser policy stance later in the year.

09 Mar
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Yen gains as Kuroda says BoJ has no intention of changing policy

Rate-setters in Tokyo kept all their main policy settings unchanged following their meeting on Friday, with Bank of Japan chief Haruhiko Kuroda stressing that there would be no change in policy until its 2% inflation target was met.

08 Mar
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ECB tweaks forward guidance, drops bias towards greater easing

The European Central Bank stopped suggesting on Thursday that it might yet 'up the ante' on its asset purchase programme if needed, but continued to hold out the possibility of an extension in the APP beyond September.

08 Mar
bce-mario-draghi-banque-centrale-europeenne 20180125173408
ECB vows to extend QE past September if needed

The European Central Bank kept all its main policy settings unchanged and reiterated that its asset purchase programme may run past September, if needed, contrary to some analysts' expectations.

07 Mar
US trade deficit reaches nine-year high amid 'protectionist rhetoric'

The US trade deficit rose 5% in January to reach a nine-year high of $56. 6bn but an improvement is expected in the coming months.

06 Mar
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Bonds: Strong service sector PMI weighs on Gilts

These were the movements in some of the mostwidely-followed 10-year sovereign bond yields: US: 2. 88% (+2bp) UK: 1. 50% (+3bp) Germany: 0. 64% (-1bp) France: 0. 91% (-1bp) Spain: 1. 50% (-5bp) Italy: 2. 0% (+3bp) Portugal: 1. 95% (-4bp) Greece: 4. 36% (+1bp) Japan: 0. 04% (-3bp).

05 Mar
Populist movement makes inroads in Italian elections

Italy's main anti-establishment parties made new inroads in Sunday's parliamentary elections, possibly paving the way for already-approved economic reforms to be rolled back and higher spending.

02 Mar
London close: Stocks drop amid trade jitters

London stocks finished the week at their session lows as the White House's pledge to slap tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium reverberated around the world.

02 Mar
Buy humiliation, sell 'hubris', say strategists at BofA-Merrill Lynch

Strategists at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch on Friday laid out their case in favour of a re-test of the S&P 500's recent lows, towards 2. 534.

01 Mar
Bonds: Yields slip on less hawkish second take from Fed's Powell

These were the movements in some of the most widely-followed 10-year sovereign bond yields: US: 2. 81% (-5bp) UK: 1. 47% (-3bp) Germany: 0. 64% (-1bp) Spain: 1. 51% (-3bp) France: 0. 91% (-1bp) Italy: 1. 95% (-3bp) Portugal: 1. 95% (-4bp) Greece: 4. 47% (+6bp) Japan: 0. 04% (-1bp).