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08 Jul
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Commodities: Soybean futures jump as US-China trade dispute moves into new phase

Agriculture futures led to the upside at the end of the week as the US and China took another step in their confrontation over trade with a favourable tail-wind from US dollar weakness.

08 Jul
US close: Biotech surges to just below record highs, alongside small-caps

A solid employment report for the month of June saw Wall Street shrug-off concerns around the potential for a ratcheting-up in protectionist measures around the world.

08 Jul
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Sunday share tips: Quiz, Halma, Halfords

Share tips from the Sunday newspapers, including Quiz in the Sunday Times, Halma in the Sunday Telegraph and Halfords in the Mail on Sunday.

08 Jul
Sunday newspaper round-up: Brexit, GDP, pensions, submarines, Sky

Theresa May’s desperate attempts to unite her party and country behind a new Brexit blueprint are under severe strain, as more than 100 entrepreneurs and founders of UK businesses dismissed it as unworkable – and hardline anti-EU Conservative MPs warned it could mean an outcome worse than “no deal” at all. There were also signs that Brussels was less than impressed after an initial examination of the plans, which were thrashed out and agreed by the entire cabinet at an all-day summit at Chequers on Friday.