08 Dec
sports direct, spd
Sports Direct and Primark named and shamed for underpaying staff

Sports Direct and Primark are among a list of companies that have been named and shamed for paying staff less than the minimum wage, with the government dishing out £1. 3m of fines and ordering £1. 7m to be paid to 16,000 underpaid workers.

07 Dec
Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital causes controversy

Countries from all over the world have rushed to criticise US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which has further raised tensions in the already-strained wider Middle East.

07 Dec
ep coreanorte lanzamisilsobrevuela japon
North Korea says war is unavoidable after US military drills

North Korea said war with the US is "an established fact", blaming the South Korean and US military exercises that are set to run until Friday.

07 Dec
ep avionesryanair 20170616113401
Ryanair dismisses threat of pre-Christmas strikes

Ryanair pilots in Italy have voted for a short strike on December 15, though the Irish company have shrugged off the threat.

05 Dec
Google by Dudley Carr (Flickr)
Google promises 10,000 staff to detect and eliminate extremist content

Google has announced that it will assign more than 10,000 staff to detecting and deleting extremist content on YouTube in 2018.

05 Dec
housebuilder building construction bellway
Housebuilders request special permits to tackle Brexit labour shortage

UK housebuilders have requested a special permit system to allow construction workers from abroad to be recruited to help with the housing crisis post Brexit.

05 Dec
Jeremy Corbyn
Labour party lashes out at Brexit talks fiasco

The Labour party labeled the result of the ongoing Brexit talks "embarrassing", demanding single market membership be "put back on the table".

05 Dec
north korea kim jong un corea
Joint US and South Korean drills draw angry response from Pyongyang

The US and the South Korean air forces will beef-up and go ahead with their joint annual military exercises, a week after North Korea fired its most powerful test missile to date.

05 Dec
article50 theresa may
Theresa May under pressure as Irish border plan falls through

Theresa May is under pressure from all sides to get the Brexit talks back on track after Northern Ireland's DUP refused to accept the deal on the Irish border.

04 Dec
Sadiq Khan Mayor of London
Sadiq Khan requests special Brexit deal for London

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is requesting a special Brexit deal to allow London to stay within the European Union’s single market and customs union.

04 Dec
Bitcoin reaches new high at nearly $11,800

Bitcoin hit a new record high of nearly $11,800 on Sunday breaking it’s last record of over $11,000 on Wednesday 29 November.